Acronym: SAF€RA
Start date: April 1, 2012
End date: March 31, 2015
Total project value: approx. 1.5M€
Project coordinator: Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Kai Savolainen
Total number of partners: 19
Contact person (name/email): Olivier Salvi (
Project webpage R-Tech/EU-VRi:
Concept of the project
Description: The objective of the SAF€RA is to improve cooperation and coordination of national research programmes addressing industrial safety, including enhanced interaction with the Framework Programme and the NMP themes in particular and aiming at the creation of a Joint Programming Initiative on Industrial Safety. SAF€RA will focus on improving the level of safety in the European industry through coordinated research to achieve sustainable growth and enhanced competitiveness. The scope of SAF€RA will include coordination of research on the prevention of major accidents and in particular the economical benefits of industrial safety solutions, safe innovative processes, preparedness and response as well as protection of the environment, new methods to enhance the creation of a safety culture and prudent attitudes, reference technologies for life extension of aged and repaired structures, as well as products and systems required to increase industrial safety. This scope is complementary to the NEW OSH ERA project which focused in coordinating and cooperating on research on new and emerging risks at work, the task which is continued by PEROSH, the Partnership for European Research in Occupational Safety and Health. In the collaborative research promoted by the NEW OSH ERA project the personal health and safety was in the focus whereas the SAF€RA coordinates research related to the major industrial hazards which have the potential to cause major accidents with off-site consequences and risks to the environment and society.

SAF€RA will bring dynamism to safety research in Europe by promoting collaboration in research programmes and by fostering lateral thinking as well as promoting innovations. SAF€RA will contribute to the objectives of the FP7-ERANET-2011-RTD in the following ways:

- Building up sustainable channels for communication and effective instruments for collaboration between national programme owners and/or managers and promoting the creation of collective, strategic coalitions at a European level
- Increasing awareness about the importance of research in the field of industrial safety as a major contributor to a dynamic knowledge-based economy as well as working to strengthen the impact of this research at the EU, national and international levels.
- Exploiting synergies and avoiding duplications of research and development among the partners of the Consortium and reducing fragmentation of the European Research Area by increased coordination.
- Establishing joint programmes of transnational research projects between the involved Member States, materializing in a pilot programme collaborating research projects between the SAF€RA partners and serving as a test bed for the future joint programming.
- Developing and implementing common, joint, strategic activities to establish a durable European network for cooperation between key actors in the field of industrial safety.
EU-VRi Specific Role: In SAF€RA, EU-VRi will represent ETPIS and propose to use the existing web tools for communication and dissemination of SAF€RA information to over 500 members of ETPIS gathering practitioners, scientists, public authorities and NGOs interested in industrial safety.