SP Sveriges Tekniska Forskningsinstitut AB
SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden


Address /
Contact person

Brinellgatan 4
501 15 Borås, Sweden
Mr. Martin Kylefors, martin.kylefors(at)sp.se


SP is a state owned company – a national institute for technical evaluation, research, testing, certification, metrology and calibration. We work closely with large and small companies, universities, institutes of technology and other organisations. SP's activities cover a wide technical range, with about 30 technology areas organised in eight inter-working technical departments and 10 subsidiaries. SP dispose of extensive experimental facilities. We are some 1400 co-workers who base our services on competence, efficiency, impartiality and international acceptance. We work extensively in international collaborations.


Key Business / Risk Area

Business Areas:




Infrastructure & Construction


Social science & humanities



Industrial Technologies





Risk Areas:

Risk Governance

Industrial Risk

Environmental Risks

Occupational Risks

Financial Risks

Social/Societal Risks

Health Risks

Asset Integrity Risks (RBI etc.)

Life Cycle Analysis

Standards and Regulations















Main Products / Services

SP strives to be a science partner within our field of competence, covering the innovation chain - from research activities to testing and certification. About 65% of our business is R&D, our focus being applied research and technical evaluation.

Core competence is fire safety, explosion protection, mechanical/structural safety, active safety (vehicles/transport), materials.


Key Projects
(running or just finished)

  • CascEff - Modelling of dependencies and cascading effects for emergency management in crisis situations
  • Safepellets - Safety and quality assurance measures along the pellets supply chain
  • DEROCA - Development of safe and eco-friendly flame retardant materials based on CNT co-additives for commodity polymers
  • Fire-resist - Fire resistant composites
  • R4R - Chemical Regions for Resource Efficiency



Why we joined EU-VRi?

SP wants to play a role in creating safety for the future in Europe. It is an important task that needs international collaboration, and we believe that EU-VRi can get relevant organisations together.