Steinbeis GmbH & Co. KG für Technologietransfer (StC)


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Willi-Bleicher-Str. 19
70174 Stuttgart, Germany
Mr. Uwe Haug, uwe.haug(at)


The Steinbeis-Stiftung für Wirtschaftsförderung (StW) is the umbrella organization of the Steinbeis Transfer Network. The non-profit foundation and its subsidiary the Steinbeis GmbH & Co. KG für Technologietransfer (StC), responsible for all commercial activities involved in knowledge and technology transfer, are headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany.

Within the Steinbeis GmbH & Co. KG für Technologietransfer network, there are multitudinous Steinbeis Transfer Centers (STC) focusing on various key areas. Our Research and Innovation Centers (SRC, SIC) are specialized in several kinds of research: market and transfer-oriented, commissioned, development and transfer network research as well as projects of a charitable nature. Consulting Centers (SCC) are experienced, insightful points of contact for business consulting, evaluation and training. The Steinbeis University Berlin provides in its Institutes (STI) transfer oriented research as well as competence-oriented training and employee development.


Key Business / Risk Area

Business Areas:




Infrastructure & Construction


Social science & humanities



Industrial Technologies





Risk Areas:

Risk Governance

Industrial Risk

Environmental Risks

Occupational Risks

Financial Risks

Social/Societal Risks

Health Risks

Asset Integrity Risks (RBI etc.)

Life Cycle Analysis

Standards and Regulations

Other: Innovation Risks














Main Products / Services

  • Applying research findings by translating scientific insight directly and indirectly into professional solutions pertinent.
  • Making specialist knowledge available through Steinbeis publications, events and, in particular, Steinbeis enterprises.
  • Expanding competence by providing services in the fields of Consulting, Training and Employee Development, Research and Development, and Evaluation and Expert Reports.
  • Operating as a network based on a decentralized structure marked by flat hierarchies.
  • Addressing public needs with private enterprise solutions in delivering projects and providing services, Steinbeis sees itself as a partner to the public sector.






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