VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd


Address /
Contact person

02044 VTT, Finland
Mr. Pertti Auerkari, pertti.auerkari(at)vtt.fi


VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd is a non-profit government organi-zation. VTT is a globally networked multi-technological applied research organization. VTT provides high-end technology solutions and innovation services. We enhance our customers’ competitiveness, thereby creating prerequisites for society’s sustainable development, employment, and wellbeing.


Key Business / Risk Area

Business Areas:




Infrastructure & Construction


Social science & humanities



Industrial Technologies





Risk Areas:

Risk Governance

Industrial Risk

Environmental Risks

Occupational Risks

Financial Risks

Social/Societal Risks

Health Risks

Asset Integrity Risks (RBI etc.)

Life Cycle Analysis

Standards and Regulations















Main Products / Services

Wide-range of services related to different levels and activities in Integrated Risk Management, with a focus in smart industry and energy systems, solutions for natural resources and environment, and knowledge intensive products and services.

Key Projects
(running or just finished)

  • DemoTurvallisuus - Safe implementation of fuel cell applications and refueling infrastructure
  • Safelife-X - Safe life extension management of aged infrastructures networks and industrial plants
  • Stressitesti - Stress tests for low probability & high consequence risk management
  • TURMITTA - Measuring safety and its business value, www.fitpis.fi/index.php/coops
  • PREDICT - Preparing for the domino effects in crisis situations
  • EFENIS - Efficient Energy Integrated Solutions for Manufacturing Industries, http://efenis.uni-pannon.hu
  • MACPLUS - Component performance-driven solutions for long-term efficiency increase in ultra supercritical power plants, http://macplusproject.eu
  • CATO - CBRN crisis management: Architecture, Technologies and Operational procedures, www.cato-project.eu
  • CCSP - Finnish CCS programme, www.cleen.fi/en
  • DEMAPP - MATEXON - Materials for extreme conditions of sustainable processes, www.fimecc.com/content/demapp-demanding-applications-program



Why we joined EU-VRi?

Through EU-VRi, VTT is seeking opportunities and networks for cooperation in research and development on both EU and international level, especially on various levels of risk and opportunity management.