EU-VRi and FP7

EU-VRi actively participates in the Seventh Framework Programme FP7 (

EU-VRi coordinates several FP7 projects where risk management is an important issue:

iNTeg-Risk purpose is to coordinate research and development sub-projects for improving the management of Emerging Risks related to new materials and technologies that will reduce time to-market for the EU lead market  technologies and promote safety, security, environmental friendliness and social responsibility as a trademark of the advanced EU technologies.

For achieving its goal iNTeg-Risk has divided the project in 5 main sub-projects with a timing of 5 years. Each sub-project contains several work packages and within them more than 200 tasks that focuses on critical factors for the success of iNTeg-Risk. The project will, basically follow these steps: identify specific emerging risks from particular study cases, develop solution for the risks identified, validate the solutions and disseminate them through the “iNTeg-Risk One-Stop-Shop” and finally ensure the sustainability of the project.

ALFA-BIRD (Alternative Fuels and Biofuels for Aircraft Development) is a project co-funded by the EU in the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development, started in July 2008. ALFA-BIRD is an R&D project aiming at viable technical solutions. Its objective is to investigate and develop a variety of alternative fuels for the use of in aeronautics, motivated by the need to ensure a sustainable growth of the civil aviation, regarding the impact of fossil fuels on climate change, and in the context of oil prices that are highly volatile and increasing in the long term.

EU-VRi participates in:

. NanoDevice: Novel Concepts, Methods, and Technologies for the Production of Portable, Easy-to-use Devices for the Measurement and Analysis of Airborne Engineered Nanoparticles in Workplace Air,

EU-VRi has performed in 2007-2008 a study on the effectiveness of the implementation of the Seveso Directive.

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