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EKON Modeling Software Systems Ltd.
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Dynamic Knowledge Management

The DKM (Dynamic Knowledge Management) system was developed during the FP7 iNTegRisk project. In today's environments, where the amount of information being handled is ever increasing, solutions that aid in converting information into knowledge and that make sense out of the vast amounts of data, have become more and more essential. The DKM system is a state-of-the-art solution, which provides an easy-to-grasp, dynamic "web of concepts". This web of concepts, or as one may call it, the Model, is designed to provide a graphical representation of the concept pages and their relationships. The concept pages in the Model represent information and the relationships between the concept pages represent the context. Information pages can be viewed in different relationship contexts and they can convey different meanings and different viewpoints.

DKM Leaflet

DKM state of the art